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Offering OVER 45 Combined years of expertise in Towing and Wrecker Equipment, Accessories, Parts, etc. We have experience at the Top Factory Levels as well as Retail, so we can offer the RIGHT Product for the job, the correct Part for the Repair, and free Diagnostic Help.

All of Our Listings on Used Equipment are Inspected and Appraised using 292 point Inspection sheets. The Vehicles are Driven and Operated (unless otherwise noted). If at all possible we acquire copies of all repair related documents to back up the claims accordingly. Any discrepancies are noted. The Equipment that is not at our location or is still in daily use require the same rigorous Inspection forms to be filled and submitted by the Consignor as well as any supporting documentation.
**Please Read our "Used and Pre-Owned Inventory Notices for further details.

Wrecker Source also offers DISCRETE SALES for our customers. Need to pre-market or quick sell a piece of equipment without the Competition sticking their nose in it? We can provide that service for you. We have a dedicated network of Industry Professionals and Dealers available as well to get you the RIGHT PRICE for your Pre-Owned Equipment.

We believe " is the ITTY BITTIES" in business that make the difference! Quality, Dependability, Affordability, Functionality, Capability,and the list goes on...WE offer LOCATING Services as well as Reasonable Rates. Give US a Call TODAY and see how we can Help.
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