The above drawing is for the Triangle Verison King Pins. Again measure your Drawbar Top Plate as well. Either 8" or 10" or the two dimensions available. Just to be safe measure the bolt center to bolt center as well. Note whether the bolts are recessed or non-recessed. FYI this also matters when ordering new or replacement drawbar bolts as the lengths will vary depending on that information. Image above is the 8" version and the 10" version will look slightly different and elongated.
Triangle King Pins

This Section contains the items you should know or be aware of when ordering replacment parts. They will expedite the process as well as taking out any confusion that will result from assumptions and mis-reading images if supplied to the vendor you are intending to purchase the items through. Have handy a Tape Measure or Ruler. Bolt spacing dimensions are listed as center to center of holes, other dimensions are from outside to outside and will be marked as such in any subsequent drawings or illistrations below. First item of importance if you own a Recovery Solution Wheel Lift is to know the size of the Draw Bar Top Plate. Meaure accross side to side to acquire the 8" or 10" Plate Width.
Information - Dimensions - Specifications for Replacment Parts

This configuration is the most recently produced Pin for Recovery Solutions products. The top plate is recessed into the Draw Bar Top Plate and has recessed king pin bolts as well. There are two versions of this pin as well. This is where the Whim mentioned earlier comes to play. Recovery Solutions manufactured this version with a 2 1/4" wide plate up and until the current ownership decided to change to a 2" wide top plate. They are NOT interchangable. No Mfg notes were made as too when or what serial numbers were used for the transition to the 2" version. Conversion was around the 2008 - 2009 Models. If this particular pin is purchased through them, it is highly recommended to check fit and condition upon arrival. It is also highly recommended that you regularly check Pin to Top Plate welds and Bolt securement as there are issues with the welds breaking and the bolts stripping out of the drawbar top plate(s). This WILL cause considerable damage to the Pin, Bushing, Drawbar top and bottom plates as well as possibly the extension tube itself.
This configuration is still in production today from Dynamic. Recovery Solutions manufactured this version up too the late 2008 model and in (2) two sizes. Although there were not many of one of the sizes, you will need too know if you happen too have one of the odd sized plates. There are also two (2) versions of Bolts used from both Companies. Either non-countersunk or countersunk. The pins themselves may also look slightly different than the image as the machining of the pin has been changed over the years as well (this is not critical, just FYI).
Differences in the Pin Top Plate(s) with Recovery Solutions were due primarily to 400/500 model differences in the Draw Bar Top Plates. Both 8" and 10" Widths were produced over the years and the King Pin plates too match.
This configuration was produced from Patent to about 1992-94. Serial numbers in range from 0-350 (approx). Although these are extremely old units, they are still in use today. For that reason it is listed here.
Original King Pins
King Pin Styles

Over the YEARS, from late 80's Original Dynamic Products to the most Recent Dynamic and Recovery Solutions Products, Design and Mfg Processes have changed. Whether due to Mfg and Machining Costs, Material Costs or just simply by Whim, you will undoubtably be asked several questions when ordering OEM Replacment King Pins and Bushings. If you are NOT asked questions as listed below then there is a very LARGE possibility that you will be sold the WRONG PART. To throw another curve into the equation...there have been several knock off brands manufactured as well. Over the years, some of these products were sold as Dynamic and or Recovery Solution Products or sold to customers who had asked for Dynamic or Recovery Solutions and were never told that they were not recieving OEM products. It is unfortunate but true none the less. (please view the FAQ Page for Brand & Model Body differences if un-sure)
Oval King Pins
Triangle King Pins