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What is the Difference between 3rd Generation   and 2nd Generation   LED's?

The biggest difference is the Light Output (lumens) per Diode (bulb). 3rd gen are considerably brighter, with less power consumption and tend to offer much longer rated hour life(s). They are generally more heat resistant and are mounted individually to the circuit board(s), whereas the 2nd Gen usually will have many Diodes 8-10 in the case of most you will find online. Appearence is where most will make the decision in this they want a bunch of little lights as opposed to a single. Both pass Federal FMVSS 108 Regs and for the most part produce roughly the same lumen output. Another differnece is that the 2nd Gen multi diode configuration are mounted to the circuit boards generally in multiples of 3 diodes. why does this make a difference you ask...have you ever noticed that you get burn outs in multiple sections of the lamp? That is Why !

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