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About Our Finance Options and Assistance Offered


At Wrecker Source we strive to offer help and assistance to every facet of the towing and recovery industry, and other markets as well. With over 20+ years in the industry at both Distribution and Factory Levels, we understand that generally the easiest part...especially with internet access these days, is finding the Truck or Equipment that you desire. Finance for the particular product or equipment...not so much!!


To answer the FIRST Question usually asked..."YES we would like to sell you one of OUR products if possible. However, We do understand that we can't always achieve that goal with all customers. We do Provide Locating Services for a great deal of Customers as it leaves them to take care of their day to day business operations and continue using their valuable time to make $$$ so they CAN Purchase the latest acquisition of equipment.


Over the Years many customers that we work with find the equipment they desire from other dealers and sources such as EBAY, Craigslist, etc. We Still work with most of them to achieve the correct and most financially feasible source of Finance and Acquisition Funds for the Purchase(s). The Customers know that we Absolutely have their Best Interest in Mind and helping at this level will earn us their future loyalty and business.


The Largest Factor in the decision to allow us to help you with your acquisition is that we have access to just about EVERY form of FINANCE known to the Industry. A sample list below explains some of what we offer...


* Commercial Leases
A-D Credit Ratings
New / Used Equipment; must include chassis with Title(under 10 years old)
0-20% Down Payment(s)
Used Equipment; must include chassis with Title(older than 10 years old)
Start Up Companies (limited Fund Caps in Beginning)

* Standard Finance Packages
A-Z Credit Ratings
New / Used Equipment (Can be Equip Only...No Truck included)
Short Term Loans and Long Term Loans
0% Down to QUALIFIED Customers

The List goes on and on. In most circumstances we prefer to talk to the customer prior to application Submittal so that we can better understand the history and needs and general idea of your desires with finance. This allows us to pin point the Lender(s) best suited to fill those needs and desires and not submit the application to anyone and everyone. That way of doing business just won't do! Unfortunately these days, many institutions will do just that, driving your score(s) down with every inquiry as well as throwing up red flags to other possible finance options as they do not see whether it was simply submitted or totally turned down. AS a matter of fact in most cases, we don't even collect your financial information in house. We will have the application(s) submitted direct to one of our many industry professionals where that information is totally safe and secure.

Contact Us Today to Find Out More about our Programs or Click the Link(s) to get pre-approved today!!!

Here are just a couple of OUR LENDERS AVAILABLE TO ASSIST...

>Integrated Commercial Leasing
Financing Later Model Equipment, Must include Chassis or Titled Vehicle. Very Competitieve Rates.

>Lease Station Commercial Lease
Offering ALL Forms and Sizes of Finance Packages, but Specializing in Smaller Ticket Items and Equipment Only Pakcages (no vehicle required)

All Finance Options, Programs, etc., must meet lenders credit criteria and is based strictly on customers or applicants credit worthiness. Any and All Products listed with ..."*Payments As Low As...$????" are based on well qualified purchasers and current interest available at the time the Payment was listed on the Wrecker Source Site(s). These Payments, Interest Rates, etc are subject to fluctuations and change with out notice. Payment amounts are provided for well qualified buyers based on the Sale Amount of the Product(s), current interest rates and lease rates at the time of posting and or inclusion and on many other variables which may or may not be listed, written, stated, including but not limited to the term of the Loan or Lease used to derive payment amount(s), Amount(s) of Down Payment Required by Lender(s), etc. Down Payment(s) listed on the Wrecker Source Web Site(s) are also based on the same credit worthiness, and may or may not include any additional fees, taxes, surcharges, or any other additional monies the Lender may require to complete your transaction(s). All approvals, Denials, Payments, Down Payments, Payments required in advance, collateral required whether the equipment being purchased and or additional collateral is strictly by and for the lender(s) you the customer are submitting the application(s) and documentation too. Wrecker Source does not, can not and will not collect your personal or financial data except as allowed by the Wrecker Source Account Signup documentation. All above items are directly submitted to the Lender(s) and is Soley dependent on their Policies as governed by the Banking Rules and Regulations of the United States and or the Business State.

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